The Domes new Water Feature Design

Water Feature in the Berm

It has always been my dream to have a water feature in the berm around the dome.  Finally with the help of friends and a good English pump I can sit and listen to the song of nature.  I buried a fifty gallon white plastic drum in the ground (cutting a foot and a half off the top) and setting the the pump on a 3 gallon bucket, it is deep without offering too much surface for the mosquitoes.  I will be playing with flat rocks and a adjusting the flow before burying the hose but now its all just creative fun.  It has taken a couple years to get the plants in and there is of course still weeding to be done but its taking shape.  Working in the domes bermed gardens is a delight I expect to enjoy for many years to come. This water feature design is unique to my eclectic tastes but the method is yours to put your own creative touches on.

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Cindy Johnson is the builder of the worlds first sculptural monolithic dome. Professionally engineered she built this dome under permit in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Woot, I will certainty put this to good use!

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