Canning in the Self Sufficient Dome

Love it!

Cool doesn’t begin to describe summer in a ‘Sculptural Monolithic Dome’ imagine a constant 22 Celsius no matter the temperature outside.  I’d say hot…but its not!  The dome seems to like to be 22c winter and summer the weird thing is how the temperature outside makes that feel inside.  In winter its just right where as in summer when I come in to work at the computer it feels so cold I actually put on a sweater. The beauty of it is that I can do what I love year round, which is to cook.

Cooking is my zen…its what I do to chill out and to show my love to others.  I’m a consummate foody who loves to cook. preserve, dehydrate, experiment, all things food.  Last year I did 300 pounds of canning, so far this year I’ve dehydrated 10lbs of cherries, frozen 10 and used 20 to start a batch of cherry wine.

A dear friend came to the dome today, she has not been here since I was living in my 1950’s airstream in 2005…she was goob smacked! The dome blew her away.  Sweet!  We had an elegant dinner, fabulous Okanagan wine and a great chance to catch up.  In conclusion building a dome may not make you a gourmet chef but living in the round will surely make you cool!  Loving the ever cool self sufficient dome.

PS: did I mention I’m dehydrating 50lbs. of walla walla onions…its a great way to handle your winter onion supply.

Stay cool build a dome!

Stay c


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Cindy Johnson is the builder of the worlds first sculptural monolithic dome. Professionally engineered she built this dome under permit in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Hi all
    I have had the pleasure of visiting Cindy’s dome in the Okanagan and it is cool indeed. Pictures can not really capture the feel of this dome home, beyond its energy efficient properties there is a total charm to its interior. The raised footing wall makes the downstairs much more spacious, very different from other domes I have visited.

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