Bomb proof shelter

Build a Sculptural Dome Home or in a pinch there’s this approach.

It took six weeks from having the foundation done to get the rebar form completed, this was the first time a sculptural dome was ever built so we had to figure many things out. I’m sure it could be done in three weeks with the info that comes with the blueprints. The shot crete pour was amazing the entire 6″ thick walls were done in two days. Talk about bomb proof.
If however you find yourself squeezed for time this video describes a dome that can be constructed in days.
God willing we will never need such extreme shelters, my dome was built more out of a concern for wild fires. In light of the weather changes we are experiencing and from a purely economical point of view, domes make sense.

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Cindy Johnson is the builder of the worlds first sculptural monolithic dome. Professionally engineered she built this dome under permit in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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