See the sculptural monolithic dome being built

Wiring the 10″ stove pipe sleeve into the form.

The metal form nears completion

Tying in the 10″ stove pipe sleeve is just one of the many details that must be put in place before the arrival of the shot-crete team.  This will be the sleeve through which the 6″ stove pipe will be placed when installing the wood stove.  The placement of this pipe sleeve enabled us to make the stove pipe a poured in part of the structure.  All elements of the domes exterior were tied in before the shot-crete arrived.

Almost ready for shot-crete at the dome.

While challenging, the creation of the dome form was also invigorating, every aspect of the form and function had to be considered in this initial structure.  The  2″ X 10″ joist beams were wrapped in plastic and used to provide additional support for the weight of 42 yards of shot-crete.







Every detail of the structure must be tied in place before the shot-crete line pump arrives.  Once the initial dome form is completed its time to place electrical conduit, windows, doors and sun tunnels.

Tieing on the final bits of metal lath

Tying in the door and frame.
Wiring in the front door.

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