Inner Space

Living in the Round

The bedroom is a great retreat after a hard day of work! The bedroom represents a one fifth wedge of the downstairs offering amble inner space, I have a five sided bathroom/pantry in the centre of the 1100 sq. ft. downstairs. The two walls that create the bedroom are the only walls that separate the dome.  The wall between the bedroom and kitchen created a way to vent the bathroom and dryer to outside, as well as creating a wall for the fridge and gas stove.

I love this large curved bedroom with its custom walk in closet and plenty of room for my queen size bed.  Finishing the parsed walls with liquid stone and dyeing the concrete floors have made this space a truly tranquil retreat.

Stairs mounted on living room wall access the upstairs media room.

Up stairs is the 700 sq. ft. media room, one fifth of this space is open above the living room and leaves the wall open for mounting the stairs. In the centre you are seeing one of the five, ten foot high, seven inch diameter glass tubes that have been placed in the domes sun tunnel sky lights.

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