Dome construction begins

Creating a stable structure

We planned the dome to capture geo-thermal heat, energy efficiency had to be part of the equation.  Digging into the hillside made berming the dome faster and easier, between the burying of the dome and the polyurethane foam the plan was easy affordable heating.  This excavation grew to twice this size before foundation work began.  We worked to achieve a balance between maximum efficiency and leaving nature undisturbed.

Hire a professional operator

Watching the giant digger prepare the site was amazing, hiring an operator that really knows how to use this machine saves money in the long run.  The first operator I hired was young and inexperienced, save yourself unnecessary expense and negotiate with the areas best.  We were able to dig a hole 12′ deep in the bank before starting the foundation, for an area with lots of granite bedrock this was fantastic.  Once your foundation hole is prepared you will need a geological assessment of the underlining soil.

Builders Foundation

I hired a builder to prepare the foundation, the advantage of hiring a local builder is his established relationships with the building trades.  Once the foundation was complete we were ready as home owner builders to take on the metal framing.  With power wired in we were ready to begin.  Thanks to sculptor Bob’s extensive experience we had a materials list to work from and could order what we needed and have it delivered.  A crane truck was required to deliver and unload the re-bar.


  1. We’ve research so many Geodesic Dome sites but yours is the best we’ve seen yet. And, you’re in BC, perfect for us. Your Domes are so simple, cost effective and just all round easier to build. So very glad that my husband stumbled upon your website. You will be getting lots of questions from us and hopefully, getting a bit of a helping hand when it comes time to construct. Thanks so much for doing what you do, you’ve got big fans in us already.

    • Hi Terri

      Thanks for the nod, yes this dome is a winner, really energy efficient with no leak problems. When I looked at Geodesic
      that was the most common complaint. Where are you in BC? Yes it was a bit of a miracle to get this structure permitted
      in the Okanagan/Similkameen district. The squeeky wheel…LOL Feel free to ask more questions contact me at
      Happy building : )

  2. I’d like to put two of your domes together with a vaulted greenhouse connecting the two domes. I’d appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Great idea …. had money been no object I t6oo would have taken a more earthship approch, ask me anything…I love green living Much Heart Cetah

  3. Hey girl….got a chance to view your blog and read the article in Cottage Magazine………..Wow is about all I can say………you have created a wonderful recluse and I am anxious to come see it for myself……proud of you Cindy Lou……and miss you bunches.

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