Spaceous bedroom

Finally a home where I can have a large bedroom and walk in closet. Dividing the dome into living spaces was easy once I found the appropriate floor plan. Most of the dome is open plan, it all circulates around a five sided bathroom in the centre of the dome.

As you can see my bedroom takes up one quarter of the downstairs making my outside bedroom wall 30′ long. There is a door to the bathroom from the bedroom and another from the dining room. My walk in closet is built in the corner beside the entry door closest to the front door. It has a cool curved wall ,  sliding mirror doors and an interior light…love it.

As you can see in the floor plan the rest of the living space is open concept which is visually divided by the presence of the five sided bathroom. A portion of the five sided space has been walled off to serve as a kitchen pantry. The wall that separates the kitchen from the bedroom creates both a flat wall for cupboard hanging and on which to position the bed.  The up stairs which is accessed by the stairs which are mounted up the wall in the living room is one fifth vaulted and completely open plan.

In my 1850 sq. ft. dome the upstairs is 700 sq. ft. and could easily be divided into separate living spaces. For myself and the cat who lives with me it serves as a media room/social place where the acoustics often result in spontaneous musical gatherings.

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Cindy Johnson is the builder of the worlds first sculptural monolithic dome. Professionally engineered she built this dome under permit in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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