I was profoundly impressed with the metal form structure that Cindy created from my engineered blueprints.  I knew when she  entered my office that she would build it…but nothing could of prepared me for the beauty of this structure. From an engineering perspective this dome home is virtually indestructible.  Joseph Sarkor-JMS Engineering

You know when you’ve got a theory on how a thing is going to work, well this dome house has surpassed all of my expectations. It cost me less to build than wood ( I did do a lot of the wiring and planning as a home owner builder) and it is infinitely more efficient. Self cooling and naturally above freezing the dome is increadably worry free.  I Love it and you will too!

When Cetah told me she was building a dome home I thought the whole idea was a bit flaky.  I listened from my comfortable condo in the city to her tales of putting the project together and her adventures in building.  Finally the project was complete and I was invited for the weekend, so with some trepidation I went.

I could not have been more wrong about this project.  I loved the dome immediately and knew I had to have one.  I have since sold the condo and brought an acreage in Washington state. I look forward to having access to Cetah’s expertise as I construct a dome of my own.


Brenda Campbell

I have had a keen interest in energy efficient housing for years and seek out communities and projects that have taken an alternative approach to building. When I became aware of Cetah Johnson’s sculptural dome project I had to see it for myself.  As it was still in the building phase I had the opportunity to participate in both the wiring and shotcrete process, to watch the dome go from wire cage to 6″ thick structure in two days was amazing.

I am impressed with this homes structure and functionality and am currently researching applications in paper-crete to construct a smaller dome based on these same principles.  Having seen for myself the process involved in this structure I do not hesitate to recommend these superbly engineered blueprints.

Martin Dvorak

As a life long builder specializing in functional renovation and a member of the heat and frost union my skills were a perfect match for the sculptural dome.  From the moment I saw the circular foundation I knew this was a build I had to be in on.  A lot of head scratching was involved as I began to wire up the frame but with patience and ingenuity the framing took shape.  The whole project was an exciting challenge from creating the framing for the doors and windows to innovating the sun tunnel sky lights.

It is my intention to construct a 50′ diameter dome with 10′ windows, Cetah’s dome will act as the prototype.  This sculptural rebar approach to dome building offers unlimited design potential.


David Thorne