my name is Cindy Johnson and I am blessed to live on ten acres in a sculptural monolithic dome that I designed and built in 2008. Picture an earth gnome in a dome home.

I grew up in a large family in rural Nova Scotia, as the daughter of a farm girl from Manitoba I inherited country wisdom from both sides of my family. I am passionate about living a green, sustainable, earth friendly life. We are all challenged daily by plastic bags, fast food and the desire to live healthy sustainable lives on a tight timeline.

What I Do

My upbringing, which included canning, berry picking and living largly off the land, has kept me conscious of honoring nature and being aware of her gifts. Finally back in the garden, I am thrilled by nature’s genorousity and willingness to provide.

Though I spent twenty five years living in Vancouver, I retained my desire to live near nature and have continued to look to the earth for sustanance and solution.

Dome Diva’s Blog is my opportunity to pass along nature’s age old wisdom to you. There have always been brilliant ways of working with the earth and I feel it is time that we remember what has been forgotten in this paradigm of comfort and convience.


I feel it is valuable to be able to feed and heal ourselves, as urbanization increases our relationship with nature weakens. It is my intention with this blog to chronicle solutions both new and old that work to create a sustainable earth friendly lifestyle.


For years I have kept my family’s traditions of food preservation and ancient remidies alive. I have also gathered the wisdom of other men and women on my path, through Dome Diva I pass this earth based, plant based common sense way of living on to you, my valued audience. I offer it in joy and hope it brings to your life the gratitude and balance that it has brought to mine.